The project

Rahmqvist Foundation was founded 15 January 2013, with the aim to build and run an orphanage for vulnerable children. In mind there was also plans to establish a skill school to give youngsters an education they can make a living on such as mechanics, welders, game wardens, hair dressers, seamstresses and so on.

STEP 1 – We got a plot by the municipality in the outskirts of town were we became neighbours to the local primary school. The CCOS architects from Sweden visited the place to construct a house fitting the surroundings. The construction started in February 2014 and was finished half a year later in August. There is room for 30 children at the home. The house is formed around a safe inner court yard. Except for bed rooms, there are showers, laundry, a big kitchen, a library and a study, TV room, an activity room and an office.

During the winter 2013/14 we collected furniture, beds and everything else that was needed at the centre from donors, mainly in Scandinavia. Unfortunately, it took a very long time filled with endless bureaucracy before we could clear our goods from customs and start furnishing and equip the orphanage. And at long last from only being a place it is now a home! 

STEP 2 – Our next step is to raise funds for the skill school. The skill school will be built at the same plot as the orphanage and will be an important part of the Rahmqvist Foundation Centre.