Alldays is a small town of 10,000 inhabitants in the Limpopo province in Northern South Africa. The communist part of the ANC has a majority in the City Council. The municipality has financial difficulties and is insolvent. Unemployment is high at about 60% and 50-60% of the adult population HIV-infected. The nearest major town is Polokwane 120 km away.


Alldays was founded in the mid-1800s where the beaten track from North to South and from East to West between Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa crossed each other. It was this natural meeting point, rather than the surroundings that determined the location at which the city was founded. The place is not really suitable for larger settlements, especially as the access to water is severely limited.



There is a medical centre, although very simple. And with the large number of HIV-infected and lack of money is the maintenance of the clinic is threatened.


Alldays does not have much more than a gas station and a hairdresser. The 40% of the city residents who currently have a job is primarily engaged in safari parks services and as craftsmen. Few work in the municipality.


Nature and surroundings

The surrounding landscape is semi-desert where bushes, low trees, giant baobatrees and sandstone formations contribute to the scenic landscape. There is an abundance of wildlife with antelopes, elephants, giraffes, birds, crocodiles, rhinos, hippos, big cats, hyenas, monkeys, etc. The area has several safari parks.

School & education

The local school has 850 pupils aged 6-18 years. The municipality has no money for textbooks and other school material making teaching very basic. However, the children do learn how to read and write.



In 2004 Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe together established an area, the Limpopo/Sashe Transfrontier Park, of more than 28,000 hectares. The park includes land in all three countries in an ambitious project to develop a transboundary and protected area for free movement of people and animals. In recent years valuable minerals have been found in the area. Something that may provide jobs promoting the development of the area.