Make a contribution!

By making a contribution to the Rahmqvist Foundation Centre you are helping the children to safe and healthy lives with nutritious food, hygiene, medical treatment, education and to each child a bed of their own and everything else a child needs, not at least to play and laugh.

Companies and Organizations

Our work is based entirely on voluntary commitments and financial support. We want to cooperate with companies and organizations that share our values that - all children should know how to read and write and do math and that not even one single child should go to bed hungry or to be alone.

Is your company or organization interested in supporting us? Main sponsors contribute with 6500 USD or more a year. As a main sponsor you will get your company logo on our website linked to your own. You may also use our logo on your website and on printed materials. 

Sponsors contributing 1500 USD - < 6500 USD will get their name listed on our website, and may use our logo on their own website and on printed materials. r.


The centre

The Rahmqvist Foundation Centre is a long-term project with the goal to create a brighter life and future for these children and youngsters. To give them a proper start in life so they can grow up as adults who will contribute to the development of their society. I hope you will join us and support this important and urgent project! We are extremely grateful for all contributions, large and small.

With gratitude,
Leif Rahmqvist Founder and Chairman,
Rahmqvist Foundation Centre

Individual donors

As an individual donor you choose how much you want to give. Either with a single contribution or with a sum each month.

Send contributions to

Bank: Nordea Bank AB
IBAN: SE8195000099602607092968
Ref: Rahmqvist Foundation

We depend on recurring donations to ensure stability and security for our work. Monthly donations cover everyday running basis with a specific amount, you are not bound to this sum. You can change the donation amount, and also stop/start the monthly payment at any time.

Send your contribution from Sweden to:

Bank: Nordea Bank AB
Plusgiro: 709296-8
Ref. Rahmqvist Foundation

Send contributions outside from Sweden to:

Bank: Nordea Bank AB
IBAN: SE8195000099602607092968
Ref: Rahmqvist Foundation

Send gifts to:

The Rahmqvist Foundation Orphanage
c/o Nick Zehnder
16, 11th Avenue
Republic of South Africa

Do you want to work as volunteer?

Do you want to do something meaningful and make a difference to others? Combine your charity work where you are needed the most, with a lifetime experience in another culture in a fascinating and most beautiful country. Do you like to work with children and youth and to lead different activities for them? Most often we have local trainers/teachers, but we need somebody to organize the activities. Do you like to help children with their homework? Are you an independent stable person full of initiatives? Can you be with us for about three months? Then you are a person we are looking for! As a volunteer you get free food and lodging at the centre. You will pay for the trip to and from Polokwane, closest airport, you will pay yourself, as well as costs for any vaccination you need. If you stay longer than three month you will also have to pay for a visa.



We are looking for volunteers who are interested in helping us to start up courses in the above professions. Local teachers where available will also be engaged, together we will broadening knowledge and add value. If you, or anyknow you know, are interested in giving these fantastic but vulnerable young people a fair chance in life? Get in touch with us!