Skill School

‘’Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world!’’ Nelson Mandela

The skill school will offer young people leaving school a professional training to be bricklayers, seamstresses, bakers, chefs, masseuses or hairdressers. We will also train them in entrepreneurship to make them ready to start up their own businesses. The idea of a skill school has been with us from the beginning and we will now be investing heavily in it.

To give young people a profession they can make a living on in the future we will break the vicious cycle of unemployment, deprivation, distress, illness and alcoholism. It will not only bring the youngsters of Alldays out of hopelessness for the future, the more skilled people the whole society will develop and grow.

The first course in sewing and fashion design started March 7, 2016 with 6 dedicated students who are really passionate for knowledge. The course runs through November with great finish, fashion show and diploma ceremony on 1 December.

We will involve both local teachers and teachers on a voluntary basis from other countries to head the different courses. Are you a professional in any of the above professions and feel you want to make a difference, get in touch with us!